2 Guns 2013 720p BRRIP Xvid AC3(640 Kbps) 5 1 BHRG
2 Guns 2013 720p BRRIP Xvid AC3(640 Kbps) 5 1 BHRG
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Robert Trench, an undercover DEA agent, takes advantage of gunman Michael Stigman's idea to rob a bank to bust him and a mob boss. However, it proves too successful with much more money seized than anticipated with Trench's forces not stopping the getaway. Complicating things still more, Stigman turns out to be a Naval Intelligence agent who shoots Trench and takes the money. The interservice debacle suddenly finds Trench and Stigman in a bloody web of corrupt clandestine rivalries as they are hunted, blackmailed and isolated for the money on both sides of the law. Now, the fugitives must work together to find a way out of this situation with no one to turn to but themselves.

Movie Details
Actors Denzel Washington, Mark Wahlberg, Paula Patton, Edward James Olmos
Writers Blake Masters (screenplay by), Steven Grant (based on the Boom! Studios graphic novels by)
Directors Baltasar Kormákur
Language English, Spanish
Country USA
Production Marc Platt Productions
Awards 3 wins.
Budget $61,000,000.00
Revenue $131,940,411.00
Metascore 55
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