This tutorial aims to explain in details how to download files from Usenet network using .nzb files. If you are an experienced user, your favorite Usenet client and Usenet provider, but if you are new then this step-by-step instruction might be very helpful.

Basically, to download files from Usenet network you require two things: Usenet download client (newsreader) and NNTP access (paid Usenet provider). We will show you how to download files online without any Usenet client configuration.

Step 1: Find .nzb file

Find a file on NZBScout you plan to download. We have chosen the movie “The Conjuring 2” as an example. Click on a button “Download NZB” like shown on the image below, and download .nzb file to your PC or other device.

Screen 1: Find .nzb file
Step 2: Import .nzb file to NZBReader

Visit and purchase Premium account. NZBReader is a great tool for Usenet beginners to download files from Usenet on PC, tablet or your mobile phone. This all-in-one service doesn’t require any additional software or configurations. The membership starts from $14.95 monthly. The payment can be done via Credit card or Bitcoin. Once it’s done you can start to download files. On the main page you can browse the .nzb file from your PC and start download. It will look like this:

Scren 2: Import .nzb file to NZBReader

Depending on the size of the file, it can take some time till files will be prepared and decoded, so that they can be downloaded to your PC. In our example the file’s size is 13 GB, so it takes about 3-4 minutes for a download to start. When this process is completed, the download will start automatically:

Screen 3: Download will start automatically

NZBReader is extremely useful as it not only downloads files from Usenet, but also unpacks the archives and provides the ready to watch video file.

Step 3: Watch downloaded files

Generally, all files are posted to Usenet in archives: RAR or ZIP. In some cases, you download the archive and all you have to do is to extract it to your PC in order to extract the real files. In our example everything is done by NZBReader and we can download the movie in .mkv video format. I’ve just done this to show you that the movie can be watched without any additional steps:

Screen 4: Watch downloaded files

From our point of view, NZBReader is a best service that can be used to download files from Usenet. It’s rather unique as it works online, there is no need to install any additional Usenet client, buy access from a Usenet provider and configure your client. The download works perfectly on all devices. The service works fast and is able to download .nzb files with the highest retention.

We explained the download process on example of a movie, but in this way you can download also TV series, games, software and other stuff that can be found on NZBScout.

We hope that this tutorial was useful for our visitors, especially for users with zero Usenet experience. Good luck in downloading files from Usenet!